Turgi handicraft & wellness farm is a place where you can come and stay for several days to get away from everyday activities and focus on charging your batteries.
  • Weaving courses supervised by Turgi farm hostess Veinika enable you to find the creativity within: you'll see how your own hands create something beautiful, you'll experience what it's like to be the creator. Creating with your own hands will make you happy!
  • Healthy and delicious food is the best fuel for our bodies. Share the creative joy of Turgi farm host Ergo by ordering his 4-course gourmet dinner. During summer we welcome you in our drying barn restaurant, during colder months in our cozy living room.
  • In summer, we offer romantic accommodation in the granary and rent out the drying barn for birthdays and weddings.
  • Breath work aka deep, diaphragmatic, conscious breathing exercises enables to get in touch with your inner behavioural patterns and sense of being. The breathing process heals the stress of both body and the mind and releases repressed feelings.
Turgi farm is located in the village of Torila, right next to Kallaste in Peipsiääre municipality (Tartu county, Estonia).

Weaving courses

Starting from July 2016, Turgi farm has been the home for weaving summer courses. Three days filled with exciting learning for eight people with eight pair of looms. Discovering the old and inventing the new!

Based on the participants' wishes, there are now smaller courses for up to four people happening also from autumn to spring.

Explore the themes and register here:
Weaving courses.

Gourmet dinners

Healthy diet is a natural part of our lifestyle. We offer the same for our guests to keep the mind sharp and feeling great!

We welcome you to a gourmet dinner with your friends in our home restaurant. Be sure to book the table in advance!

For more information, visit here: Catering.

Our lovely rooms

The stone-walled drying barn building and the wooden granary, previously used for storing clothes and grain, have received completely new purpose and life.

The drying barn has hosted the Onion route buffet, restaurant-size summer gourmet dinners, conferences and weddings!

Romantic 4-person granary chambers offer cozy accommodation during the summer months.

For more information, visit here: Rooms.